The Intelligent Cross-Function In-Banner Video (IBV) Player

Captivate and engage your audience with immersive online videos across desktop and mobile environments with xPlayer, Rocket One’s proprietary cross-function and first-in-class In-Banner Video (IBV) technology.


xPlayer utilizes the industry leading video mechanics to help deliver video content into any ad size on virtually any website or app for both, publisher direct implementation or programmatic media buys resulting in a native publisher experience while maximizing brand exposure and creating a seamless viewership brand connection.


xplayer browser

Why In-Banner Video (IBV) is great:

♦   Provides a non-interruptive media experience so user can fully digest publisher content from the start

♦   Significantly reduces banner blindness by 40% resulting in higher engagements

♦   Higher completion and viewability rates compared to in-stream video format

♦   The perfect complementary audience extension product when in-steam video format is unavailable or not economical

♦   Publishers homepage implementation can increase conversion rates up to 20%

♦   90% of users report that watching a video about a product or service is helpful in the buying decision process leading to 64% more likeliness to buy or engage online


Benefits of xPlayer

♦   Stream video content into any ad unit on any website or app within Rocket One’s network

♦   In-stream like user-experience with non-interruptive video capabilities

♦  Track engagements such as video starts, views, quadrilles and video completes through our integrated Google Ad Manager (DFP) reporting

♦   Unlimited placement targeting opportunities

♦   More cost effective than in-stream pre-roll and other video formats

♦   Custom video pre-launch poster with additional post-MP4/VAST/VPAID ad click-through options

♦   Can be utilized for a publisher direct experience or through the programmatic DSP landscape (hence the name “x” for cross-functionality)

♦   Works with both, MP4 video’s or VAST/VPAID tags

♦   Volume control as well as volume ON and OFF options (Publisher direct only)





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